We thank the following organisations that make our market possible:

  • Lions Club of Valla Inc.


Thanks to the Valla Beach Community Association and Markets team for providing photos and maintaining this website.

Information for Stall Holders

Booking Requirements

For enquiries about our next market call the Market Manager, Gary, on 6569 5410.

Please note: we are now able to offer permanent sites. See below for more information on allocation of permanent sites.

Generally speaking we do not require stallholders to confirm their attendance except if the following is applicable to you.

You are selling food or drinks To ensure that we have sufficient space in the food court we need any food or drinks vendors to request and/or confirm attendance.

Please note that all food outlets must have their own insurance cover; we cannot supply casual insurance for such stalls.
You require power Due to the limited availability of powered sites, stallholders needing mains power must book in advance. Likewise, if you have made a booking and are not attending for any reason, then you must notify us beforehand.

Contact the Market Manager no later than the Wednesday prior to the market if you need to book, or cancel, a powered site.

On market day ensure that you arrive well before the market opens at 8am as we need to spend extra time to make the necessary connections.
You want to be in the Community Tent The Community tent has proved very popular for new stallholders, those with seasonal produce, or those with very limited space requirements. It's been so popular, you now need to book if you want a spot here. Priority will be given to new starters, seasonal produce, and locally made products or craftwork.

You can just turn up on the day but precedence will be given to those who have reserved a place beforehand.

If you have booked a spot and are unable to make it for any reason then please contact us as soon as possible beforehand. The tent is often booked out and we have a waiting list so if you have booked a spot but fail to turn up, thus denying another stall holder, we reserve the right to charge you a no-show fee or refuse a future booking.

Arrival & Departure

Vehicles will only be allowed to unload before market opens to the public (6am to 8am) and load only after the market closes (after 2pm). This is a Health and Safety regulation! If you wish to leave earlier your vehicle must be escorted by a committee member. After setting up your site, stallholder's vehicles should be moved away from the market area.

Stall Fees

Market staff will collect fees from all stall holders after the commencement of the market.

If you decide to leave before your fees have been collected it is your responsibility to come to the market office, located near the Lion's Van, and pay your fees.


Complying with our insurance commitments is a major requirement for our market's survival. Our permit to run the community market is dependent on all stallholders having verifiable insurance cover on the day soo we will be carefully checking stallholders' insurance cover is up to date at every market day.

If you don't have a copy of your current insurance with you on market day, you will need to buy casual stallholder cover for the day, or you may be asked to leave the market.

NOTE: All food vendors must have their own insurance cover.

So please bring a copy every time or be prepared to purchase cover for the day, on the day.

Permanent Site Allocation

We are now able to allocate permanent sites. Each 3mx3m site is numbered and stallholders may apply for a permanent allocation of either a single site or two adjacent sites. Following the successful initial trial period some stallholders have been allocated permanent sites but we are open to applications for new stallholders. The procedure for a permanent site application is as follows:

  1. Attend a market as a casual stallholder. Requests for permanent sites can only be handled in person on market day and may not be requested by phone or email.
  2. Come to the Market Office - situated near the large shelter shed - where you will be asked to complete a Permanent Site Request Form. This is only available at the Market Office.
  3. You will be invited to select a site from any unallocated sites. For example you may decide to choose the site you are occupying on the day or choose a different site providing that it is not held for someone else. Your site number allocation will be confirmed by email subsequent to market day.
  4. You will be asked to pay a Holding Fee which is the equivalent of the prepayment for the next market.
  5. If you do not attend a future market for which you have paid the Holding Fee and you fail to advise the Market Manager beforehand, you may forfeit both the Holding Fee and the permanent site allocation.

Postponement & Cancellation Policy due to Bad Weather

Unless threatened by extreme inclement weather the market will be on. Please note that: