Valla Rod Run

Beginning in 1977 as a 2-day weekend event with only 72 cars, the Valla Park Rod Run has grown to in excess of a full week of indulgence, with an average of around 350 cars each year and is believed to be the longest-running and free entry Rod Run in the world.

Some History.....

In the 1950’s Hot Rods started to appear on Australian roads. As the interest widened, likeminded “hot rodders” would hang out with each other. Hot Rod Clubs , which allowed members and their clubs to socialise and compete with other Clubs. One of the activities a Club would organise was a Rod Run, where members would drive to a venue and socialise with picnics and activities.

On an October weekend in 1977 over 100 Hot rods turned up for the first inaugural Valla Park Run. This was a very successful run and what started out as a long weekend event, slowly moved to participants booking their accommodation at the park for a full week and then progressed to a week before and after the run. It soon became the hot rodders’ annual family holiday choice. After 1977, future Valla Park rod runs were organised by a Valla Committee group from within the Drag-ens Hot Rod Club, who then and now continue to deal with all of the events organised to take place within the week long run, together with liaising with major stakeholders, such as the local Nambucca Shire Council, Police, shop owners. SES and Valla Park management.
Since its inception, the Rod Run has grown to see between 300 to 400 hot rods enter each year, culminating with a parade of these cars in the main street of Nambucca Heads on the last Saturday of the run, for all to see and enjoy.

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